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Price: $35

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Box Ladder
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gravel box liner
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Box liners eliminate sticking, reduce wear, protect equipment and are UV stabilized to extend the life of the liner when exposed to direct sunlight. To make them even more efficient, box liners have silicone added to increase the slipperiness and release characteristics of the plastic.

Idealy for sand gravel clay dirt salt sludge and snow

Dependable and economical HMW plastic liner
HMW Blue Stripe is a popular cost-effective alternative to UHMW liners. Blue Stripe is a medium duty plastic liner with excellent release action. Made of virgin HMW, Blue Stripe is the best choice when you need a reliable multipurpose product. If you haven't purchased a Super-Slide liner before, Blue Stripe is a great liner to begin with. You won't be disappointed.
Save money when replacing a floor by installing Blue Stripe.
100% virgin HMW liner
UV stabilized
Weldable and repairable
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3 Piece Gate
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Silage Gate
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gravel gate
Part #: -
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Gravel Box HYD
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Price: -

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