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Michel's Roll Tarps

Michel's Select

Special extension spring systems are mounted on the front and rear of the truck box. These springs maintain a constant and uniform pressure on both the front and rear of the tarp, keeping the tarp rolling straight. A splined U-joint allows you to adjust the tensions of your tarp at any time with no tools needed. The wide locking apparatus ensures that the tarp will stay in the locked position. When locking the tarp, you are locking it steel on steel. In this way you can apply tension to keep the tarp tight.

The tarp may be locked in an open or closed position with no tying down. The spring loaded crank handle holders are positioned on each side at the back of the box for fast and easy locking of the crank handle. No more fooling around with pins to secure the crank handle. The center rod is sewn into the tarp to give you more access for loading grain and it is easier to dismantle the tarp for other farm purposes.

The special design of the rear hood enables you to open your tailgate to clean out your box and can be detached by simply removing a pin in each corner.

Michel's Electra

A 12-volt motor supported on a pivot arm is used to rotate the tube to open or close your tarp. This pivot arm is attached to the bottom ledge of the truckbox. The pivoting arm is guided by a strip so that the tarp will not slide rearward during operation with hoist up. This tarp will operate on any length of farm truck or semi-trailer.

Special extension springs are mounted on the front and rear. These springs, along with a tapered pulley on both ends of the roll tube, act with the cable to maintain constant and uniform pressure, keeping the tarp true so that it rolls evenly. These tarps are available in standard or reverse roll.

The center rod is sewn into the tarp. This feature helps in preventing contamination of seed or fertilizer. The specially designed hoods provide constant and uniform pressure across the tarp for a better seal. The rear hood and hoops are removable for other farm purposes.

When the tarp is locked under the specially designed lock angle unit, the motor, which has a gear box, serves as a break so the shaft cannot rotate when the electric motor is deactivated, therefore, the tarp is held tight. No more struggling with awkward cranks, the tailgate is free from crank handle and locks.

Michel's Semi-trailer Units

  • Semi Units are available in either crank style (front or rear) or electric
  • Can use existing cross members
  • Tarp your load in seconds
  • Custom colouring of tarp material available to match the tractor or trailer units
  • All tarps are available in standard roll (locks closed on the driver's side) or reverse roll
  • Standard colours available: red, white, grey
  • We make every tarp to fit your truck or trailer's specific width and length
  • Can be used on either a side mount, or rear mount drill fill
  • Made of 18 oz vinyl coated polyester
  • Crank style interchangeable with the electric
Tarps for carts and wagons available also.