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10" Folding Truck Mount Augers

  • Maximum discharge height for filling floaters
  • Year round "multi-use" of your truck body, unlike a tender unit; bulk fertilizer or grain, bag products, watertanks, chemical pails/pallets, misc.
  • Stainless, plastic or brush flighting (optional), chrome cylinder shaft
  • Easily installed or removed
  • Center door of tailgate opens fully without removing auger allowing for faster rear unloading into a pit or auger
  • Load splitter boxes installed / removed easily
  • 1500 lbs/minute capacity (may vary depending upon hydraulic system)

10" Side Discharge Rear Auger

  • Eliminates the need to back up to unload
  • Universal mount "fits most truck bodies"
  • Easy to install or remove without tools
  • Ideal for use with pup trailers
  • Unload capacity (45 bus./min. approx)
  • Works great for unloading over pup trailer tongues / hitches
'Designed especially for fertilizer dealers'